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Sleep well

  • Baby Mattress: Things To Consider When Buying One For Your Baby

    Young parents today are way more cautious about what they provide for their babies. It is only natural as parents always strive to give the best for their children. In 2019, more parents are concerned about their babies’ sleep. This includes the environment they sleep in, ensuring babies get sufficient rest and the safety of their babies during sleep. We believe this is a justifiable concern as an average baby spends up to 17 hours sleeping in a day. According to America Sleep Association, most growth and physical development take place in new-borns during sleep hence the necessity.
  • Mattress Disposal Solved! Tips On Disposing Your Old Mattress Properly

    If you’ve decided to pamper your body with a new mattress, now comes the stage of getting rid of the old. A common Malaysian practice is to tie mattresses up and leave it by the roadside, troubling our local authorities and causing an unpleasant sight on the roads we travel. Here in Naturenite, we decided to provide some useful tips on how one can properly dispose of their old mattresses. While guiding you through buying a new mattress is our goal, we took it upon ourselves to help you get rid of the mattresses that have served you well for years. That said, let’s dive right into it.
  • Sleep Divorce: The Reasons Why Married Couple Stop Sleeping In The Same Room

    Do you ever find out that a couple doesn’t sleep in the same room and the first thing that springs to mind is ‘Uh Oh’. Also known as a sleep divorce, separate sleeping arrangements are a common occurrence in marriages. We tend to presume that a relationship is going south and perhaps some misunderstanding has occurred. But how do couples even get to this sleep arrangement and is it all truly bad news? In this blog we dive into why couples sleep in separate rooms and what does this mean for one’s relationship.
  • 11 Ways Sleep Deprivation Is Destroying Your Body & Mind

    Many are uneducated regarding the consequences that sleep deprivation could lead to. It is safe to say that the ‘sleep-late’ culture is a common one amongst Malaysians. Sleep deprivation does not only lead to various health complications but also increases accident rates at road and workplaces. Let's delve deeper into the chronic issue of sleeping deprivation in this blog post.
  • Accessories to Help You Sleep Better (That Actually Work)

    A lack of sufficient sleep in humans can lead to increasingly harmful problems on a regular basis such as less productive, tiredness, uncontrolled weight gain and permanent raccoon eyes. Not to worry because, there are things that can help you with the problem. Here we’ve put together some tools to help people cope with their sleeping issues.

  • Glossary Of Bedding Terms: Part 2

    So – you think you know all you absolutely can about bedding? Well, think again! There are lots of terms and jargon used daily in the bedding industry that we amateur shoppers are completely unaware of.  We present to you the official dictionary of bed wear part 2.
  • Glossary Of Bedding Terms: Part 1

    Buying a new set of bedding can be a daunting task due to the vast options and fabric types available. Here, we put together the complete glossary of alphabetized bedding terms, so you can tell the store personnel what you want exactly when shopping for your new bedding sets.

  • The Importance of Deep Sleep and How to Get It

    An average adult requires 7 to 9 hours sleep for the body and mind to rest properly. The importance of deep sleep can never be denied - note that we say “deep sleep” and not just “sleep”. In today’s post we’ve carefully explained the difference between the two, as well as the importance of deep sleep and how you can properly get it.
  • The Types and Benefits of Meditation

    There are many types of meditation, all of which have truly amazing benefits. In today’s post we bring to you the seven different types and continue to explain some of the best benefits to taking up this soothing activity.
  • 6 Questions You Should Ask Your Mattress Sales Representative

    When choosing the right kind of mattress for you, always make use of the most vital resource at your disposal: the salesperson. Not sure what to ask? By the end of today’s post, we’ll make sure you do.
  • The Incredible Benefits of Yoga

    We all know that practicing yoga has a myriad of benefits for your health. But, did you know that this is all only the tip of the iceberg? As well as improving your body’s posture and increasing weight loss, regularly doing yoga can reduce stress and anxiety, encourage sleep, make you feel better about your body, and all in all make you a better person. 
  • 7 Wonderful Ways To Relax After Work You've Never Thought Of

    For most of us, work takes up the better part of our day. After a stressful day at the office, we arrive home agitated, tired, and practically starved for some affection. Relaxing after work will not only soothe your pains – it’ll leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated and a much happier person overall.