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Worth to buy. Mattress is very comfortable to sleep on.

Great service πŸ‘πŸ»

Very great service from seller. Patient and accommodating. Mattress received it good condition and nicely pack. πŸ‘πŸ»

Classic Queen

Nice Pillow

Zero motion disturbance

Excellent comfort and firmness. I sleep till the morning without feeling disturb from my husband while he move around. Really great features as advertised.

Heptatop Queen. Great texture and good quality.

Mattress received dgn keadaan baik. Lembut dan selesa.

Love it!! Thanks :)

Mattress delivery by lorry, was expecting it to deliver in compact box, turn up it comes in whole. Anyway, they have staff to help me carry it up to my room. Great service and well inform by their person in charged. Tried the mattress, and it is great. Love it and thx.

-Fast delivery
-Item well pack
-Mattress is comfortable

Numbness & back pain solve

Got the linear top. First impression, the topper is a little too thin. Had a doubt if it will help soften my bed. Unexpectedly, the feeling is superb, after sleeping for few night, immediately I feel the different of the add ons. My shoulder numbness does not occur, and I have less back pain now. Truly its a great product.

Something to restart my day

Got to try this new pillow. It is great, my day have been so smooth ever since using this new pillow. Definitely recommended.

The massage model is great. I wake up feeling refresh and light headed every morning.

Good product

The parcel is well protected, there was no problem at all on the delivery time and condition. The product is good, it looks clean and the finishing is very well done, it is also very comfortable when sleeping

Pillow is so good!

Wow this pillow is so good. The height is quite high, but the softness makes it well balance. My head don't sink down like my old pillow. Overall 4 star :)

Got the kid size. Suit my son perfectly. Soft and able to support the head well.

Love it

1st time using latex pillow. Love it on the first night. Bye bye to my old cotton pillow

Bought a single size for my kid. It was very comfortable to sleep on even for me. Was planning to get a king size for me again. Recommended

Perfect Mattress

Very comfortable mattress. Not too soft or too firm. Just the right amount of comfort. Affordable price.

Got the mattress with deca top. It was mind blowing comfort. Glad I choose to upgrade it.

Tilam topper latex memang padu sedap best!!

A better tomorrow

Outstanding comfort. Suit both me and my hubby preference. We had a great day since then.

Great Offer. Softness is ok.

I used to have a hard night sleep, keep adjusting the pillow ,my body feel numb and have a very tired wake. After getting Naturenite ID80 Model, it is a whole new level of sleep for me. The free pillow is great too. I don't need to adjust the pillow again.

Not trying (Naturenite) is not living happy

Have trouble choosing how firm a bed should be? Try it and you will never buy another brand. My wife and me always have different preference in mattress firmness that we sleep seperately at times. Me being heavier will prefer a very firm bed and she wants a soft type. We got ourselves an Identity 80 King Hepta with nanofrost textile . It was perfect, just right for both of us and I was genuinely surprised with the cool feeling of tge nanofrost surface. Only complain was that I was expecting to deflate my mattress but it was delivered to me fully inflated (might be my nanofrost upgrade?). But no complains here and the weight shift thingy really works btw. May sound fake but this mattress really is a life changing experience for me and my wife.

Classic Latex | Standard Pillow