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Natural materials
Our bedding products are made from the milky sap harvested from rubber trees that are planted in Malaysia. Thus it is produce by natural material making it environmental friendly.

Superior elasticity
Natural rubber is significantly more elastic than full synthetic or blended latex foam. This means that our latex bedding products are able to stretch more without breaking. 

Improve your sleeping quality
Best quality of material provide you the best quality of sleep. With elastic structure of latex, it give unimaginable level of comfort level that will make you sleep soundly throughout the night.

Direct Factory Made
Our Product are self made direct from manufacture. Having no need to go through third party distribution. Thus you can save cost on buying quality mattress


We are one of the major distributors of natural latex foam. With a well-known connection with one of the biggest supplier/manufacturer of latex foam, we have access to the natural resource of the highest quality at costs much lower than anywhere else in the world. Thus, our customers are able to enjoy the highest standard of quality latex products at reasonable price.


More than you can't imagine. Go for 100% Natural Latex

Environmental Friendly

An environmentally friendly component made from 100% natural rubber. Latex is biodegradable and recyclable. It is non toxic additives.

Dustmite & Microbial Free 

Natural Latex itself is a mold, mildew and dust-mite resistant. Thus it does not allow dust-mite to re-produce and feed in the mattress.

Minimal Movement

Elasticity of latex allow movement of a certain area to be limited only on the area itself. Thus your partner will not have any distubance while sleeping.

Spinal Alignment

Its elastic nature enable you to have a proper adjustment on your neck down to the spine. Thus, you are able to sleep in a correct and healthy way.

Comfort & Stress Relieve

The rubber properties allow it to contour to your shape and offer pressure relief. Thus user can sleep extremely comfortable throughout the whole night.

Breathable Air Flow

It have a unique structure that allows the air to flow smoothly. Microscopic air bubbles in latex aid air circulation and make the entire pillow breathable.

Durable & Long Lasting

Known to be extremely durable, and can last up to 20 years without losing its support. Latex is one of the top material know for its durability.


Latex is allergy free. It does not allow and harmful microbial to grow. You will not inhibits itchiness or redness unless you are allergy to rubber itself.

Thanks to the nature of the material, natural latex inhibits the growth of dust mites and bacteria on its surface. This hypoallergenic property eradicates most allergy problems people have with sleep.

Traditional mattresses are prone to turn yellowish and become a spot for mites and bacteria to live in due to our body sweat, saliva and moisture. This will cause harm to our skin.

Natural latex has wonderful self-healing properties that help uphold the cleanliness of your sleeping environment, which in turn protects your skin.

Its anti-microbial property stays effective even with minimum care and wash, hence allergy problems are generally non-existent with latex bedding products.

Naturenite Featured Technology 

High quality material that we uses the ensured our sleepers to have maximum comfort sleep and long lasting mattress.

For Upper Comfort Level

100% Natural Latex

Derived from 100% natural material, natural rubber are one of the best quality of material used in bedding industries. Mattress with 100% natural latex are often price much higher compare mattress without natural latex.
Why it is so good? Due to its natural resources, is it branded by several institute organization as an environmentally friendly material and also certified free from harmful chemical mixture. It is well known for its natural anti-dustmite and microbial free feature and also top notch durability which have a life span up to 20 years.
The structure and feeling itself has a very unique feel. Elastic like a rubber which still provide enough support to hold a weight up to 500kg. Tested and proven that even a car ran through it, it will not deform.

For Middle Comfort Level

Memocool Foam

Memocool foam is a temperature sensitive visco-elastic material which will mould itself to the shape of the body within a few minutes. It conform to your individual curves to relieve pressure points during sleep which safer and healthier for consumers. It provides you healthy and allergy-free sleeping environment, maintain proper alignment of your spine as well. Most of our mattress will be using a thin layer of it only. Mainly to boost body contouring effect as a thicker latex on top will be the key material for great sleep.

Meta Foam

Meta S foam specifically designed and developed with open cell structure characteristics and properties that allow greater air ventilation. A characteristic that enable the foam for larger then 2 dimensional (X-Y) movement thus providing a soft feeling but strong resilience and brings the mattress comfort level to a new level.

For Support Level

Individual Pocket Springs

Made of hundreds of pocket coil to form a base support which has it own individual pressure point. Perfect spinal alignment which provides weight distribution for each of the body weight. Individual coils works as a single unit which was not bind together with each other. Thus it will not create a sound of friction in between the coils.

Ultra High Density Foam

Duramax HD specifically designed and developed to obtain a unique characteristics and properties that are beyond the typical conventional polyurethane. Characteristic that enable the foam for larger then 2 dimensional (X-Y) movements. Duramax foam is specially made with higher density thus providing a very strong resilience for a mattress.

For Surface Level - Textile

Anti Static Knitted Bamboo  / Nanofrost Knitted / Eco Tencel® Fiber

All our textile are made of knitted fiber which consist of 3 layer of fiber stamp together. This material is a high quality textile, mainly use in any other luxury mattress. This textile have anti-static function, anti-dustmite and microbial (Certified by Oeko-Tex Confidence in Textile), high durability, soft and comfort feel, great air flow circulation and cooling.

Each different models or collections consist of different structure of material and thickness. Please refer to the model content for more information of its mattress structure. Go to our collection page to learn more about our mattress.

Our Collection


We take our product seriously.

Every single stage of the production process is carefully and closely extensive tests like hardness, permanent deformation, breaking strain, accelerated aging and density tests are carried out thoroughly to provide quality assurance. We have been acknowledge by few organization to certified our product to have reach the standards.

Oeko-Tex Confidence In Textiles Standard 100

2019: Oeko-Tex Confidence in Textile certified that our Natural Latex Foam meets the human-ecological requirements of the STANDARD 100. This makes our Natural Latex to be free from harmful substance such as dustmite and bacteria, and is hypoallergenic.

Eco Institut Germany GmbH

2020: For the second time, ECO Institute (Germany) certified Naturenite Natural Latex products as a safe product which fulfils the standard of hazardous emissions and component and this product can be named as environmentally friendly bedding products.

LGA Tested Quality 

2010: Our Natural Latex products have passed the durability test and evaluation of resilience characteristics according to LGA-Guidelines & Den En 1957:08, 2000 by TUV Rheinland LGA Products GmbH.

Lembaga Getah Malaysia

2017: Naturenite Natural Latex products have been tested for several times by Malaysian Rubber Board, and it is certified that our Natural Latex products are made of 100% Natural Rubber, which does not contain any synthetic rubber mixture.