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collection| 100% NATURAL LATEX pillow

Experience next level of sleep with natural latex

Traditional Comfort

Classic Latex | Standard Pillow

Traditional shape for overall sleeper's favourite with enhance pin-hole for great air ventilation

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Chiropractic Recommended

Ergonomic Latex | Contour Pillow

Chiropractic recommended pillow for neck relief & support. Ergonomically designed in a wavy shape, that helps adapt perfectly to your head, neck and shoulder.

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Neck Support

Beauty Pillow | Back Sleeper

Heart shape design with a flat surface. Ideal for back sleeper. Height is design lower to align your neck for a proper sleep 

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Domino Latex - Spine Relief Pillow

Multi purpose spine relief pillow. Can be use for leg rest, head rest and back rest. Design to mimic the cotton filling pillow with greater bounce and pressure relief.

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The Bolster | Adult Latex Bolster

Excellence comfort & bounce of latex make the bolster, perfect for proper adjustment and filling the gap in between your knee, thus relieving pressure towards your spine.

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We often encounter neck stiff issue after waking up from sleep. A bad pillow is the cause of having neck pain. A pillow which is too soft not too firm will cause the neck to bend in an uncomfortable way, thus it does not relieve the pressure on the neck, constantly stretching and give pressure in between your head, neck and shoulder. Having this issue without solving it for a long period of time, will affect your health. Natural Latex is the best recommended material from chiropractor for having a good pressure point relieve and correct alignment.
Effectively support the head and neck gravity contour to break down the pressure, let the body completely relax and fall asleep easily.

"Finding a good pillow is critical to provide support to my neck and maintain calmness to any movement. All these enhance my long hours of sleep."

Bamboo Knited Fabric

A high quality textile known for its high durability. Made of bamboo fiber, it is able to generate anti-static function and also soft and comfort surface. It is also have high absorbent thus breathable.

Premium Natural Latex Foam

Most Premium quality latex material, provide a gentle cushioning and especially beneficial for sleepers with back and joint pain. Excellent comfortable bounce with great pressure point relief.


30 nights trial & 3 years warranty with Naturenite pillow alongside greater benefits.


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  • The pillow should not be washed using washing machines. Recommended to hand wash or air dry.
  • The pillow contains natural anti-microbial properties hence minimal maintenance is needed. Natural latex must not be exposed to direct sunlight as the UV rays would oxidize the material causing damage and deterioration to the sleep quality it’s supposed to provide.
  • To clean the pillow in case it gets stained, use a clean towel soaked with water or a mild detergent mixture. After cleaning the stain, place fresh towels on both sides of the pillow and press out excess moisture if any. Let it air dry on a flat surface and away from direct sunlight.