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Direct Factory Production

Naturenite is an establish essential brand since 2009 develop by our founder company which have more than 15 years of experience in bedding industries. Our purpose of developing Naturenite is to provide the most basic cost of sale for all sleepers to enjoy good quality of sleeps without having to pay extra. All Naturenite Mattress and product are made with latex and sell directly from factory production. Thus avoiding the cost of distribution and reseller. 

Cost Saving,
   Sleep With Quality

BY Naturenite

Naturenite Factory Showroom

You may visit our factory outlet showroom to try out our products. All product are produce by us to ensure you get the lowest cost for a good quality.

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Naturenite Vision

Founded by company Nature Foam Industries Sdn. Bhd. We hope that every sleepers can enjoy high quality sleep without paying extra cost. We are in the middle of expanding and we are working towards a dream where every sleepers can sleep with their own customize mattress

Harvesting Raw Latex Sap

Derived from 100% natural material, natural rubber are one of the best quality of material used in bedding industries. Due to its natural resources, is it branded by several institute organization as an environmentally friendly material and also certified free from harmful chemical mixture. It is well known for its natural anti-dustmite and microbial free feature and also top notch durability which have a life span up to 20 years

Producing Natural Latex

Our raw latex sap will then undergo few stage of formulation, dunloping process, vulcanization, cleaning and quality check to produce a finish foam. This 100% Natural Latex foam will be the main component of our bedding products. It will be use as a top layer component to ensure the softness and next level of comfort.

Sewed & Quilted Textile

All staff are train for years by our sewing expertise before allowing them to fully handle the material. With a strict standard operating procedure, we make sure the the final product are made with high efficient and precision.

Making A Mattress

Each model are develop through few procedure. It is first design by our sleep specialist to make sure each structure have their own placement and features. Then it will go through few steps of sampling and testing with some of random sleeper to get some feedback. Once it is finalize, our mattress specialist will then produce the mattress.

Quality Check

Mattress that is complete will be tested again with few procedure such as density testing, resilience testing, precision testing and sanitizing before it is ready pack for delivery.

Final Packaging

All our final product will be pack carefully with layers of protection to unsure the inner product will not be damage will in the delivery process.

Ready To Export & Delivery

The finish product will then be export to our oversea distributor for reselling and our own Naturenite product will only be focus on selling locally with direct factory price.


With Naturenite, we are provide the best quality product with a more affordable price. Without going few party levels of distribution, you are able to save more. Now you can sleep better & worthy.

Nature Foam Industries Production Video In Year 2015