Mattress Disposal Guide

Only available in Kl/Klang valley


Naturenite Offer Mattress Disposal Service With A little Fee Imposed For Our Hardwork Delivery Guy

Naturenite Mattress Disposal

  • Naturenite provides old mattress disposal service for all Naturenite customers only. Our service is only available in KL/Klang Valley only
  • On the checkout page, choose the shipping method. If you would like us to provide mattress disposal for you. Just tick on the option for mattress disposal service.
  • We will pick your old mattress up on the day your brand new Naturenite mattress is delivered to your home.
  • An additional small fee of RM150 per location will be charge for this service. All this fee will go to the driver for his service on the disposal.
  • We are sorry if our charges is unreasonable to you. As of current situation with rising case on Covid-19, we have to provided a standard operation procedure (SOP) to ensure the safety of the citizen. All our lorry will have to undergo sanitizing process before and after delivery.
  • The amount we charge will included the sanitizing process together with the fee for sending it to the recycle center. Hope the covid-19 situation we turn better soon & we will continue to improve and serve better. Please stay safe in the meantime. 

Other Suggestion For Mattress Disposal


On top of our list is definitely to donating to charity. Depending on which part of Malaysia you live in, the charity organizations would differ and that also comes with the services that they may offer. While some organizations are more than happy to drop by and pick your mattresses up, others would expect you to drop them at their centres. All you have to do is google ‘recycle charity centre near me’ to locate the nearest recycle charity centre and give them a call!

To all our Klang Valley readers here are two recycle charity centres that would take in your old mattresses:

  • Community Recycle for Charity (CRC)- 017-363 8100
    CRC offers pick-up services and drop-off service. To donate, first, send a picture of your current mattress. Next, fix an appointment with the person in charge to recycle their mattress. Finally, have CRC pick-up or drop off your mattress at their centres!
  • Very much like CRC, Pertubuhan Amal Sinar also requires donors to call their centres, Whatsapp a picture of their old mattress and fix an appointment to drop off their mattress at the centre.


Some centres available in the Klang Valley include:

  • Bulky Waste: +6012-2110517
  • Bulky Waste Removal Service: +6018-287 3199
  • Relocation Service Malaysia: +6017-366 3346, +6010-202 0161, +6013-454 5670


These organizations are usually responsible for collecting your daily domestic waste (you might know them as Alam Flora in the Klang Valley). Some of these companies like Alam Flora will collect your bulky items once a week. To confirm if the environmental management could carry away your old mattress, identify the organization responsible at your housing area and check on their websites if these services are provided. Service offerings vary subjectively to companies so do double-check to ensure that your mattress isn’t left to rot outside your house!


Your city council also offers mattress removal services! Depending on the area you live in and the time of the year you may need a removal service, charges may be implicated. City councils in Malaysia have urged the public to not dispose of their mattresses irresponsibly as it leads to the breeding ground for mosquitoes and causes a sore sight in the public. Call up your city council to work out a schedule on removing your old mattress.


Lastly, if your old mattress is in a reasonable condition and has been properly cleaned, you could sell your mattress instead. You could either locate your nearest second-hand store and cut a deal with them or you could simply put it up online for a buyer. Old mattresses could be sold on, Carousell or Do note that this process could take longer than anticipated so you may have to find storage to place your old mattress

We hope we’ve provided substantial information on how you can get rid of your old mattress to usher in a new one!. Do note some of this provider might have change in their contact or service over the period of time. Do google up for more info. If you're looking for a new mattress, perhaps you might want to consider Naturenite 100% Natural Mattress that is Eco-friendly and biodegradable.