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Ergonomic Latex | Contour Pillow

The best pillow I have in these 25 years

The most ideal pillow that i looking for. No more pillow sinking problem and really comfortable. Worth to buy , Super recommended

Awesome Mattress with affordable price

We are lucky to get a 20% discount and this mattress is extremely awesome, the firmness just nice and we hope we can get 1 more in the near future.

Burby | Baby Mattress

Baby Pillow Accessory | Baby Sleep

A No Regret Topper!

Initially was sceptical about this topper but decided to buy and try it since it has warranty (incase I’m not satisfied I can return it with no regret anyway) . Bought the Penta 7cm and I’m satisfied with it! No more back pain as my mattress is a spring type. Can’t throw the mattress as it still new hence decided to get this topper instead . Basically I can call it a no regret topper. If you are not satisfied you can return it ,but if you are satisfied then keep it! Believe me you would choose the 2nd option 😁Now I can have better sleep .Quality sleep = quality day!

Natural Latex Topper | Mattress Topper

Worth the money, comfortable & easy carry packaging

For people with scoliosis like me, you can consider to try this Identity 80 Latex Mattress w Hepta Top. So far, I feel that this mattress is really good at supporting my back & I feel very comfortable as it does not create gaps between my body & the mattress. Of course this mattress won’t cure my scoliosis but at least it helps me to get better sleep & wake up the next morning without having any pain.

Highly Recommended

Received five days ago and my wife says "highly recommended". It is comfortable and her persistent neck and shoulder ache is showing signs of recovery, even after the first night. Am confident we will get good results after 30 days.

So Comfortable!

The mattress topper made a night of a great difference as sleep is now so comfortable. The whole pre order and shipping experience was also great, exhibited a great sense of trustworthiness as the MCO was extended but there weren't need from our side to call or follow up. Excellent service!

Good and friendly customer service

Like the quality, value for the money. Also customer service is very friendly, allowing us to customise the bed size without additional charges. Fast delivery as well.

Topper is hot, softness is good enough. Free pillow is good just that have strong smell of rubber

The first night sleeping on it is good and I don’t feel backache. Second night sleep on it slightly feel the backache again. Probably my mattress problem. The topper overall is good. Just that it feels hot without the air conditioning as it traps heat. I like the softness of it. As for the free pillow, it is a bit flat and low for my likeness. And it has a rubber smell.

Ergonomic Latex | Contour Pillow
Madam Norehan Zainal abidin
My dream pillow

I’m in love with it as it’s extremely comfortable .Love the shape . I have a good nights sleep now


Overall quality is very great.
The packaging was nicely done and well protected
The pillow itself is very nice and have very good quality. Can definitely feel the high standard. Good Job

Comfortable, good packaging

Overall good experience, however the smell of latex might be too strong but understandable due to the nature of the pilow.

Good quality

The material is very good and comfortable however, I was disappointed to see the actual sharp of the pillow received was not as per the picture in the website where it appears as a small dome sharp.

Undisturbed sleep throughout

I am really amazed of how well I can sleep after just 1st night trying the latex topper, the softness it's just nice, not too soft that it will slander down but it is also not hard at all. I can really feel the support from the topper and its so so so comfortable to use. I plan to get another one for my mum, really worth the splurge. Sorry the photo attached was when I am leaving it for 12hrs at guest room queen size bed not the actual bed before use.

Been very comfortable

The last few nights, been quite comforting. But a little warm compared to previous mattress, so have to turn AC colder, but slept very well and plus on their pillows as well. No smells of bad latex.

Neck savior

Before this I always had stiff and uncomfortable neck after awake daily. Now is much better than previous.

Can’t go wrong with Naturenite Latex Topper

Being a side sleeper, having hard time with existing firm mattress and feel wasteful to change a new mattress. Happy with the result after adding the Latex Topper, comfy it improve my sleeping quality. Strongly recommended, give your body the comfort it deserves.

It's is excellent.

We have so far bought 3 set . 2 king size n 1 queen size. My son has back pain n was not sleeping well. But with this bed he has a good sleep. He recommended n I bought 1 for my daughter n one for me n my husband.It is really good and I will surely recommend to others. Thank you.

Excellent pillow for neck support

Recommended to get this, the mattress really nice to sleep. Perfect balance for me and hubby, also good anti motion mattress, now I can all the way to the morning without any disturbance. Keep up the quality.

Identity 80 Penta

Superb comfort, recommended choice for a good quality sleep

Good quality mattress

Received the mattress is good condition. Mattress look nice with more than 12" height. After trying it for more than a month, decided not to return it. Mattress is so far one of the best I had sleep, it has all the things for what I need. Comfort & cooling, no back pain sleeping on it, mattress height is just nice for my beds, great quality, good offer price.