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Queen Latex Contour Pillow

Would be nice if the pillow has better plastic packaging for promotional display.
Love the recycle vacuum pack box packaging.

Ergonomic Latex | Contour Pillow

Soft & comfy

Although im using the thinnest Linear 4cm topper, it made such a huge difference. Very soft & comfortable, no sinking feeling. Packing & handling was very good & fast too! So satisfied. Will buy more πŸ‘πŸ»

No more worries of sleeping problems

Mattress bought and tried for 1 weeks. Two words to describe it "Total Satisfaction". A mattress that is very comfortable and cozy to sleep on, not too soft nor too firm. Perfect balance for me and my wife. Downside would give is damage to my $$$ 😭. Initial budget was 2.5k, end up spending more than 3k. Thank god the mattress was worth the spend. πŸ₯°

Very suitable and comfortable

Genuine natural latex. Pillow is great and comfortable.

Pillow is very fluffy and very comfortable

Review on identity 80

Fast delivery, very comfortable & worth for money

Identity 80 | Latex Mattress

Upgrade To Nanofrost Cooling Silk - ID

Linear 4cm

Topper is thick and comfortable. Works well for me.

Me & wifey is very satisfied with it. Thanks for Ron great assist while visiting the showroom.


Eclipse Advanx

Found it not comfortable at my first night of sleep. It feels like it sink down and wrap my body around. The mattress is not too soft or too firm, just feels different from the mattress i used to have. Anyway decided to give it a try for a weeks, and surprisingly I don't feel any backache since then. My body has started getting use to this new mattress. Overall excellent mattress with back care features. Really help heals my backache issue.

Identity 65 | Elite Mattress
Hishamuddin Osmad

Tidak kecewa dgn Latex Mattress Naturenite. Tilam mmg lembut dan selesa. Harga juga murah.

Ergonomic Latex | Contour Pillow

Purchase Pillow

Naturenite pillow & booster is superb comfortable I Really love it Thank you so much Naturenite

Firm yet a touch of softness on the surface.

Mattress is great. First time buying mattress online, and was surprised on how comfortable this Naturenite mattress is. Mattress is firm, yet the softness layer on the surface are able to gives a very comfortable sleep. Don't like those very soft mattress as given our current age, its very difficult to get up with a soft mattress. Naturenite mattress fits perfectly to my needs. Overall great experience & good quality products.


Very suitable.... Topper comes in nice box packaging.... Convenient to carry.... Received in 3 days.... Will get another for my parent, hopefully seller can give me a good discount for 2nd purchased.

Love it. Thanks Naturenite for expedite delivery.

Good for my backpain due to slipdisc

My backpain reduced.

It was very comfortable

Identity 65 | Elite Mattress

Believe me you will definitely satisfied with this product. Truly latex !! I Will repeat order for sure for my daughter.

Classic Latex | Standard Pillow

Classic King size pillow

It's lightweight but supportive. Comfortable to sleep on and don't have to fluff up like standard synthetic pillows