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Very fast and smooth delivery. The mattress is too comfy, it makes me not want to wake up. >

At first I was skeptical over this new brand. But anyhow decided to try it myself. Having no backache and really comfy bed helps me to wake up early and energize for the day. Me and my wife love it. Thanks Naturenite

Super Soft & Comfy Mattress

Delivery was very efficient. Pillow is great. Highly recommended for back sleeper.

Bought the queen size, it is too low for me. Decided to top up and change to the King Size. The operator was very quick to response and assist on my issue. Paid the extra balance and got the exchange the next day. The king size definitely much better now. Thanks

I sleep well with this new pillow. Thanks

Tilam yang sangat selesa dan memberi pengalaman tidur yang berkualiti. Sangat berbaloi melabur dengan tilam ini.

I have problem with my back. Very good recommendation by one of the operator. Mattress is just nice and soft to lay on, yet it have a firmness that won't let my body sink in too much. Overall great experience and great quality

Very satisfied with my new mattress. Thanks Naturenite for good recommendation and offer

Very comfortable

Decided to return and refund. The topper is great, but it is too soft for my mattress. My mattress is soft, so I need a firmer topper. Operator is well manner and quick response on my refund.

Got the queen size for myself and massage one for my husband. Pillow is soft and comfy. My husband like his new pillow too. Thanks.

Mattress was superb. Unbelievable comfy. It does not sink down, just nice softness on the top when lay on it. People who are having back issues must get it.

Too comfortable that I feel asleep easily every night. Thanks Naturenite

Bought one queen and one single. Enjoy sleeping with my new mattress, fell comfortable and cool. The free pillow are great too.

Wow the mattress comes in a small packaging. Got a surprise and doubt when I received the package. The mattress got a little wrinkly when I open up. But after 12h or so, it is back in good shape. Mattress is good and bouncy. Love it.

Got the highest spec for this model. It was truly outstandingly great in terms of quality and comfort. It gives a relief to my back pain and full relaxation to my sleep.

Lebih selesa dan berkualiti berbandingkan tilam lamaku. Terima kasih Naturenite

Done my survey, this is the cheapest price offer compare to other brand. Decided to get it and try our their 90 days trial mattress. Does not put high expectation on it since its price is cheaper compare to the other brand. But to my surprise, the mattress came out very comfortably to sleep on. It is soft and little bouncy on the top layer. Overall appearance is nice too. Glad I choose this.

Penghantaran yang cepat. Tilam pocket spring juga selasa.

Great firmness while maintaining a soft and comfort layer on top. Quality mattress for this price.

Fall in love with my new soft and fluffy bed. Thanks Naturenite for such quality mattress and great service.

Overall finishing cover is thick. Mattress is soft and comfort. Very impressed with such quality for this price of a latex mattress.

Barang terima dgn cepat dan cekap. Ingin beli hepta atau deca sebelum ni, tapi budget terlalu over. Dapat penta top ni pun sudah cukup selesa. Memang cukup memuaskan tidur saya.