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Texture n Height of Contour Pillow

I am very particular with pillow . i prefer a higher and not so soft pillow. So far quite satisfied with this Contour Pillow . Hopefully it wil not become softer later.
If possible , will prefer the pillow to be a bit harder , & with 13 to 14 cm height , then it wil be my choice of a perfect pillow ! !

Happy with the prompt delivery.

Worth the investment!

Very happy with the mattress topper after trying it out for a couple of nights! Seems to provide good support for a couple of sleepers who like to switch positions through the night - without being too soft or firm. It did have a slight rubbery scent, but it didn't bother us. We've been having some great sleeps and it calls to me to nap on it during the day πŸ˜‚ bonus: delivery man was also very helpful!

Alhamdulilah and Tqvm Naturenite team

Alhamdulilah the Almighty Allah, we thanks to you for the blessing that your have given to us via the topper that we acquired from Naturenite. It is with your blessing that our back pain have gone alhamdulillah. Kindly O Almighty Allah give your blessing to the Naturenite team, so that they will continually produce quality product for the world and they are in a correct direction.

Excellent quality

Excellent quality

Bed in a box

fast delivery and hassle free
Mattress is a bit on hard side(maybe I'm old already) but enjoyed greatly by my boy (17yrs old) and he liked it so much and have a good night sleep compared to previous I**A mattress he used before
Now I'm having problem to wake him up

Identity 80 | Latex Mattress
Sandeep Singh Nejer


A good investment

We bought the mattress for our son who has asthma. It is important the we buy a hypoallergenic and anti-dust mite mattress. The old mattress triggered his asthma and he could not sleep well at night. Now, he has good sleep and so do we! ☺️

Contour massage pillow height

Overall is good, just hope the contour massage pillow got another different size and hope the height of the pillow can be slightly lower ,now is a bit too high for me

Nice but not firm enough

Its a bit too soft for my liking and I feel that there is not enough back support. Has not really improved my backpain. Not sure if I should request for an exchange for a thicker one

Worth every penny natural latex.

I had tried the mattress and is really feel good. Although the latex pillow is a bit too firm for me, maybe haven't adapt yet but the identity 80 mattress is really good. Very comfortable. With this price, I would say really worth it for a natural latex compared to spring or foam.

Identity 65 | Essential Mattress
Muhammad Fazrul Fahmee Bin Abd Rahim

Good value for money.. The mattress makes my wife smile everyday after she wake up from sleep. Im so happy when my wife happy.. recommended to all husband in the world

Value buy for money

A balance between comfty, support and the price paid. Delivery was fast, (2 days) as advertised. Setting up is easy. Value buy.

Perfect Fit!

This first pillow was a trial; and it’s just prefect. Sleep well n soundly.
Will definitely order more for the rest of the folks.
Furthermore, entire process and delivery was efficient too.
Congratulations Naturenite!

Great help relieving my chronic neck and shoulder pain

Not my first contour pillow but i would say this is the best contour pillow so far. Took me sometime to review this as i wanted to test if it helps with my neck and shoulder pain. After 3 weeks, i would say the pain did went away bit by bit. Latex pillow is much firmer which i like compared to my memory foam. The disadvantge of latex pillow is that its hot when you sleep on. Took me a while to get use to it.

Good night sleep

Quality and effectiveness match the advertisement description. Worth to try as there’s a 30 days trial free period. Highly recommended!

Ergonomic Latex | Contour Pillow

Ergonomic Latex | Contour Pillow

Comfortable Mattress!

This is really different from the conventional mattress where it doesn't have the bouncy structure. As I am big guy myself, it really helps absorb my whole body firmly. I felt really comfortable sleeping so far and doesn't have any backpain issue. However the rubber smell is quite noticeable but it's a good thing right since they use pure rubber? Delivery was quick, ordered on Tuesday and arrived on Thursday The team also was nice to had assist me on my query during public holiday (via FB) and kind enough to change the comforter/bedsheet with pillow which I requested. Anyway I bought this as this brand after cancelling my order from O**gin mattress which didn't arrived after 10 days waiting and this brand featured in TrustedMalaysia review hence I chose this as a replacement.

Best Service EVERRRRRR !

Kudos and 10/10 for the sales representative RON. HE is the best guy to get your advises and needs to be sorted out accordingly. The mattress on the other hand is very comfortable although the matress is a little firm. It will take time for you to get used to it but I had the best sleep over the past years. I considered alot fo brands before purchasing this matress. You wont regret if you buy. A good invesment for your health !

Firm but soft

The natural latex is firm and super soft. It helps to provide support to my neck and maintain calmness to any movement. All these enhance long hours of sleep.

Thorbaekk ! mcm tidur kt hotel lah

Best and best . Texture kain sangat lembut , sejuk , and rasa memang nak tidur sepanjang hari hahahaa . Maybe silap order yang nipis . later i will buy yang lagi tebal . πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜ŠπŸ€—

Classic Latex | Standard Pillow
Pillow compatibility

Just love the pillow. Since I don't like the hotel-pillow type, this pillow suits me very well due to it's material used.

Classic Latex | Standard Pillow

Ergonomic Latex | Contour Pillow

Not bad.

Improved my neck pain.

Ergonomic Latex | Contour Pillow