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Ergonomic Latex | Contour Pillow

Good product, Nice service

High quality product at a good price. Comfortable to sleep on it. Great customer service, fast delivery by lineclear too. Really very happy with the purchase. Thank you 😊

Awesome next level comfort

Next level comfort as describe. Really feels like sleeping on a quality hotel mattress. Though the add on and upgrade might be too high from our initial budget, it is definitely worth for a long term used. Hope seller can gives us more discount on our 2nd purchased later on. 😆

Identity 80 King Advance Latex - Hepta 9cm + Nanofrost cooling fabric

Great support and comfort. Tried few of the online mattress, most of it is too soft to my liking. Glad I found Naturenite which offer a firmer bed of my choice. Good service and professionalism from their sales person Mr.Ron upon visit their showroom.

Not bad for a start

I just got the pillow for a week so I am not sure about any positive changes in this short period of time. My shoulder pain does seem to have improved. The queen size is a bit small for my liking. I should have gotten the king instead =P

Worth every money spend

Very soft and comfortable topper. So Very cool to sleep on can feel the temperature difference

Best Mattress and Best service team!

Both me and my husband have been suffering from backache every morning and decided it’s time to change our mattress as it could be the main cause. Did our survey and absolutely glad that we chose Naturenite mattress Identity 80 Hepta! Slept for a week and decided to upgrade for Nanofrost topper. It was the best decision! Both of us can’t wait to sleep at night and waking up feeling great with NO backache! Highly highly recommended!

Identity 80 | Latex Mattress
Sarah Looi Sing Wei
Really comfortable after breaking into it

The mattress is really comfy after breaking into it (for my case it was after 2 days). No regrets getting this. However, it does traps heat if you place it on the floor so I had to get a bed with legs so there’s more circulation. (And it works!)
Kudos to customer service for keeping my orders updated so I could update my condo for the delivery arrangement efficiently.

Was surprised by how fluffy this latex pillow is. Good thing i bought the king size one. Height fits perfectly as the pillow is more on the soft side.

Very comfortable to sleep on. Good cushioning which helps a lot on my body numbness. Just a little bit on the softer side.

Absolute comfort. Perfect mattress for comfortable sleep

The bolster is soft and have a unique bounce from the latex. Surprisingly it is good and comfortable to hugs. Already decided to buy 2 more for my family.

Great pillow for knee rest. Thank Mr.Ron for the advice and good recommendation. Now it solve my spine issue.

Perfect solution to my super firm bed

Identity 80 | Latex Mattress

Top quality, max experience, good latex mattress

Naturenite mattress never disappoint me. Comfort 10/10, quality look exquisite. Compare to other brand that I have personally went to try, Naturenite mattress are more firm which fits to my preferred firmness. Their latex offer are thicker which I can really feel the differences when comes to softness, comfort and bounciness. Thanks Mr.Ron for great service and professionalism.

Pillow is soft and airy. Me and my husband both love it very much. Thanks for the quick delivery.

Top quality with better offer

Quality comparable with other brand that I had tried, but with much cheaper offer. Thanks to Ron for the good service and recommendation.

Fantastic mattress. Fast delivery and quick response from seller

Natural Latex Topper

So far so good. Nice and comfy experience. Hope it will last long. Thanks for the prompt delivery.

Soft and fluffy

Recommended. Really soft and fluffy.

Low price with good quality

Was expecting the mattress to be very soft with this low price. Turn out I was wrong and surprise by how good and comfortable this was. Mattress is not too soft nor too firm when lying on it. Overall great satisfaction with this mattress price.

Mattress well done. Good quality and comfortable sleep.

Ergonomic Latex | Contour Pillow