• 100% natural latex bedding products.

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100% natural latex bedding products.

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About Naturenite

At Naturenite, we’re passionate about latex bedding products. We love the benefits of sleeping on latex foam and would love for you to experience it. All of our products are designed in and shipped from our Malaysia factory. Our latex bedding products are the highest quality, made with natural materials and priced fairly.

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Natural latex: the healthiest choice for your sleep

Natural materials

Our bedding products are made from the milky sap harvested from rubber trees that are planted in Malaysia.

Superior elasticity

Natural rubber is significantly more elastic than full synthetic or blended latex foam. This means that our latex bedding products are able to stretch more without breaking. 

Best value for money

With its ability to conform to body shape and more resistant to compression, it is more durable and able to last longer than other materials.

Our latex bedding products are...

  • Naturenite latex bedding - ecofriendly
  • Naturenite latex bedding - durable
  • Naturenite latex bedding - comfort and support
  • Naturenite latex bedding - minimal movement
  • Naturenite latex bedding - hypoallergenic
  • Naturenite latex bedding - anti dustmite
  • Naturenite latex bedding - air ventilation
  • Naturenite latex bedding - 10 years lifespan

Thanks to the nature of the material, natural latex inhibits the growth of dust mites and bacteria on its surface. This hypoallergenic property eradicates most allergy problems people have with sleep.

Traditional mattresses are prone to turn yellowish and become a spot for mites and bacteria to live in due to our body sweat, saliva and moisture. This will cause harm to our skin.

Natural latex has wonderful self-healing properties that help uphold the cleanliness of your sleeping environment, which in turn protects your skin.

Its anti-microbial property stays effective even with minimum care and wash, hence allergy problems are generally non-existent with latex bedding products.


2019: Oeko-Tex Confidence in Textile certified that our Natural Latex Foam meets the human-ecological requirements of the STANDARD 100. This makes our Natural Latex to be free from harmful substance such as dustmite and bacteria, and is hypoallergenic.

2010: Our Natural Latex products have passed the durability test and evaluation of resilience characteristics according to LGA-Guidelines & Den En 1957:08, 2000 by TUV Rheinland LGA Products GmbH.

2019: For the second time, ECO Institute (Germany) certified Naturenite Natural Latex products as a safe product which fulfils the standard of hazardous emissions and component and this product can be named as environmentally friendly bedding products.

2017: Naturenite Natural Latex products have been tested for several times by Malaysian Rubber Board, and it is certified that our Natural Latex products are made of 100% Natural Rubber, which does not contain any synthetic rubber mixture.

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