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Naturenite is a direct to consumer store offering wide variety choices of 100% natural latex mattress, pillows & bedding products with optional upgrades of choice. We’re passionate about 100% natural latex as we love the benefits given from natural latex and the excellent bounce and comfort while sleeping on it.

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Classic XL Pilllow

Size : 60 x 40 x 13cm

Genuine 100% Natural Latex. Made with zero fillers to ensure perfect elasticity and bounce for maximum comfort

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Naturenite premium model, cater for more exclusive choices of luxury hotel style mattress with posturize coils and reconstruct natural latex. Premium collection are only available in our showroom and exclusive dealers.

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About Naturenite

Founded by company Nature Foam Industries Sdn. Bhd. Establish brand since 2009 with more than 20 years of experience in bedding industries.

We hope that every sleepers can enjoy high quality sleep without paying extra cost. A healthy sleep is what our basic goal is, to provides a comfortable and safe environment for our sleepers.

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100% natural latex pillow 

Most Premium Pillow For Better Sleep

Mattress in a Box

“With Naturenite I'm able to sleep comfortably, waking up every morning feeling refresh. 8 hour of great sleep makes my day of work smooth and energized.”


We bring Nature back to you

Made from the milky sap harvested from rubber trees that are planted in Malaysia, known for excellent natural material for bedding to ensure you sleep healthily and comfortable.

Unique comfortable bounce structure of latex is what makes it excellent for sleeping. Multiple benefits of natural latex along side with other main benefits such as anti-dustmite and hypoallergenic.

No more allergies!

Thanks to the nature of the material, natural latex inhibits the growth of dust mites and bacteria on its surface. This hypoallergenic property eradicates most allergy problems people have with sleep.

Natural latex has wonderful self-healing properties that help uphold the cleanliness of your sleeping environment, which in turn protects your skin.

Its anti-microbial property stays effective even with minimum care and wash, hence allergy problems are generally non-existent with latex bedding products.

Our Factory Outlet Location

No.12, Jalan Wawasan 2B/KU7, Sungai Kapar Indah,
42200 Klang, Selangor Malaysia

Visiting Hour
Mon - Sat, 9am - 5pm

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Direct From Factory

All of our product are made directly from our own manufacturing, from producing, stitching, sewing up to packaging. Locally made in Malaysia, what we offer is a direct factory sale of purchase. Avoid getting overprice deal from all level of distribution

Made In Malaysia

Our main material derived from natural resource of the highest quality. Customers are able to enjoy the highest standard quality sleep. 

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