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Accessories to Help You Sleep Better (That Actually Work)


For most of us, sleeping on time can be a blessing. We come home exhausted at the end of the day and lay on that sweet pillow in the hope of some rest – but, alas. Sleep is just not that easy to obtain.

A lack of sufficient sleep in humans can lead to increasingly harmful problems on a regular basis. You will feel less productive at work, your concentration will be awry, there will be tiredness all the time, and if the problem goes on long enough, unpleasant side-effects like uncontrolled weight gain and permanent raccoon eyes. Not to worry because, there are things that can help you with the problem. In today’s post we’ve put together some tools which have been proven in the past to help people cope with their sleeping issues.

However, it should definitely be noted that the products in today’s piece – though helpful – will not compensate medical attention if your problem truly does get out of hand.

Blackout Curtains

There are tons of scientific facts as to why we should dim the lights before going to sleep. The same can be said for sunlight – if there’s any penetrating your bedroom window, you’re more likely to wake up sooner. Blackout curtains can help prevent this. They come in multiple dark colors and are perfect at blocking out excessive light pouring through your window. The drapes also work great in blocking out outside noise and regulating the room’s temperature.

Weighted Blanket

The revolutionary product hit the market (and social media) by storm due to its immense popularity among users. Weighted blankets come with a removable interior so that you can use them all year round, for example just the covers for summer months. Pellets and metal chains woven into the fiber make up the “weight” of the blanket. The blanket gives users the comforting and secure sensation of being enveloped in a warm embrace; many users praise it for helping them reduce anxiety and relieve insomnia. To top it off, weighted blankets come in a variety of fun colors and patterns for you to choose from!

Soothing Sleep Linens

The feel and texture of your bed really does matter when it comes to falling asleep. Using soft sheets with a higher thread count will give you the luxurious feel you need. Make sure to buy 100% cotton linens which can regulate temperature so that you don’t get too warm as well as feel amazingly soft for you to get some much-needed rest.

smooth sleep linen

Sleeping Lotion

Doctors recommend relaxing scents at nighttime which can help induce sleep. Sleeping lotions can go one step further by functioning as a great skin moisturizer too. Sleeping lotions usually consist of almond oil, cocoa butter, and lavender: not only does the natural combination make for an amazing moisturizer for your skin, users also love the sleep-inducing fragrance the lotion emits. Lavender has been scientifically proven to help stimulate sleep and its presence in a sleeping lotion can truly work wonders.

A Nightly Cup of Green Tea

Avoiding coffee at least several hours before bedtime is common knowledge for getting to sleep faster. What’s less common though is the effectiveness of green tea in inducing sleep. The tea contains herbs like chamomile, lemongrass, and spearmint which are known to subdue the nerves and reduce tension. There is very little caffeine in it, and to top it all off the tea has a great taste. Make a habit of drinking a cup before bedtime; the results may truly surprise you!

green tea

White Noise Machine

Do you have trouble sleeping because of the distracting sounds that surround you? Or maybe you just hate sleeping in complete silence and need something to distract you? A high quality white noise machine can readily fix both problems. As per their name, white noise machines produce continuous streams of sound which block out any other surrounding noise. They will have various types of noise for you to choose from and volume controls too.

Sleep Spray

This one is another technique designed to induce sleep with the help of fragrance. Sleep sprays contain calming ingredients like marjoram, chamomile, and lavender. Spritz them on your pillow just before you go to sleep and the soothing scents will surround you instantly. There are a variety of combinations available; make sure you choose the right one for you when buying!

Eye Mask

Blackout curtains aren’t the only accessory designed to reduce the amount of light around you when you sleep. Investing in a good, high-quality eyes mask is the perfect alternative if you don’t want to compromise the décor while retaining your sleep. When purchasing, remember to go for soft, breathable ones which block out all the light. Silk is a good option for material. You should also test the mask to see if you can still blink comfortably while wearing it; remember, comfort is key.

Chocolate Melatonin

Melatonin is the sleep-regulating hormone in our body. When we smell soothing fragrances, use black out drapes, and apply sleeping lotion, all of these actions are designed to stimulate your body into secreting melatonin. The company Good Day Chocolate developed an alternative solution by coming up with a brand new sweet treat before bedtime – chocolate melatonin! Consuming the treats before bed will increase your melatonin levels and induce sleep.


For people living in colder climates, possessing a good quality humidifier is an absolute must. The machines work by adding humidity into dry winter air. Fill the device with water and it will begin to release a cool mist which can help people (especially those with sinuses) breathe easier. Humidifiers come in a wide range of sizes and are compact enough to fit nicely on your dresser or nightstand.

Temperature-Regulated Pillow Pad

Do you enjoy cool pillows? The longer we sleep on a pillow the more it heats up due to our body heat; the problem can be easily solved by using a temperature-regulated pillow pad which has controls for maintaining the same specific temperature no matter how long you sleep on them.

Wake Up Light

Have you ever used a rough, abrasive, extremely noisy alarm clock? This could potentially be the reason you are now waking up several times at night. Alarm clocks which shock sleepers awake are harmful due to the sudden intense feelings they cause. You may sleep uneasily and wake often because you’re afraid of it going off. Wake Up Lights are a completely different type of alarm clock. They begin by gradually emitting light (like a sunrise) and then playing a pre-chosen calming sound to wake you up from your slumber. Instead of being shocked awake, you can go through the process gradually, in a more effective way.

Oil Diffuser

Oil diffusers work by releasing essential scents and oils into your room to make it smell fresh and make you drowsy. Filling the device with lavender oil or a mixture of effective sleep-inducing components will leave your room feeling perfect for sleeping. You can always switch out compartments if you get bored of the same scent.

oil diffuser

Air Purifier

The presence of dust or pollen in the air can make it very difficult to sleep; especially if you have allergy and sleeping problems. Air purifiers will filter all of these harmful particles out of the air so that you can get a goodnight’s sleep. They can come in a variety of sizes and functions such as a handy night light too so that you can read before bed.

Bedside Lamp

Some people cannot sleep if there’s even a tiny bit of light in the room; others need a small source of light in order to get to sleep. For the latter party, a high-quality bedside lamp can be a great companion. You can even take up the habit of reading a bit with the aid of the lamp (reading before bed has been proven to induce deep sleep). When purchasing, make sure that the light isn’t too bright and harsh because too much can disrupt your sleep patterns instead of helping them.

The above devices are just a few of the many useful things you can use to help induce sleep. A good way to find out what you need is to identify the exact source of the problem. Do you not feel tired before bed? Pick up a book and read with the help of your night light until sleep arrives. If your bed doesn’t feel comfortable, consider changing the sheets, the pillow or the mattress itself. If your problem persists regularly then please make sure to consult a doctor about it – remember there’s only so much a sleeping device can do to help you. It is always best to talk to a professional who can help you understand what’s going on.


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