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Sleep well

  • The History of Mattresses- How Asians Revolutionized Sleep

    Haven’t we all heard of this famous line when our parents (or grandparents) speak of how the whole family slept together in their living room?  Humanity has come a long way in our sleep mannerisms. If you’ve subscribed to our blogs, you’re probably a prime example of peak human evolution that’s looking to improve sleep experience. How did we start? And where do we stand now? Read further to understand the history of mattresses in Asian civilization.
  • Baby Mattress: Things To Consider When Buying One For Your Baby

    Young parents today are way more cautious about what they provide for their babies. It is only natural as parents always strive to give the best for their children. In 2019, more parents are concerned about their babies’ sleep. This includes the environment they sleep in, ensuring babies get sufficient rest and the safety of their babies during sleep. We believe this is a justifiable concern as an average baby spends up to 17 hours sleeping in a day. According to America Sleep Association, most growth and physical development take place in new-borns during sleep hence the necessity.
  • Mattress Disposal Solved! Tips On Disposing Your Old Mattress Properly

    If you’ve decided to pamper your body with a new mattress, now comes the stage of getting rid of the old. A common Malaysian practice is to tie mattresses up and leave it by the roadside, troubling our local authorities and causing an unpleasant sight on the roads we travel. Here in Naturenite, we decided to provide some useful tips on how one can properly dispose of their old mattresses. While guiding you through buying a new mattress is our goal, we took it upon ourselves to help you get rid of the mattresses that have served you well for years. That said, let’s dive right into it.
  • 6 Questions You Should Ask Your Mattress Sales Representative

    When choosing the right kind of mattress for you, always make use of the most vital resource at your disposal: the salesperson. Not sure what to ask? By the end of today’s post, we’ll make sure you do.
  • How To Choose The Best Mattress For Yourself

    Buying a new mattress to replace your old one can be expensive. A great alternative to this is to invest in a good-quality, durable mattress so that it lasts longer and better thereby preventing expenses.

    An ideal mattress, in addition to supporting your body, enhances the quality of your sleep too.