6 Questions You Should Ask Your Mattress Sales Representative

6 Questions You Should Ask Your Mattress Sales Representative


There are few things we invest in as important as our bed. Getting some quality, good night sleep is essential for our health and wellbeing – the wrong kind of bed will completely ruin the chances of that happening, as well as draining a significant portion of our budget. When choosing the right kind of mattress for you, always make use of the most vital resource at your disposal: the salesperson. These people are trained to answer any and all mattress questions you may have. Not sure what to ask? By the end of today’s post, we’ll make sure you do.

Q1: What is your warranty?

This is the most important piece of information no matter which kind you buy. In the case you find your mattress faulty a short time after you purchase it, the company’s policy should allow you to return or replace the mattress free of charge. Make sure to converse with the salesperson and confirm this detail including the length of the warranty, the extent of damage, etc. so that you’re not stuck with a faulty product afterward. The salesperson will also know which mattress has the longer warranty and can thus steer you in the right direction.

Q2: What are my mattress and material options?

There are tons of different mattress options and materials out there for you to choose from. Even though the innerspring mattress is usually the most popular type, it is no longer the only option out there. Ranging from bamboo and silk to foam and will there are many different kinds of mattresses available and your salesperson should be able to describe the benefits and drawbacks of each. If they can’t then consider asking another salesperson; a gradual decision is always better than a wrong one.

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Q3: These are my sleeping habits. What kind of bed is right for me?

You’ll be surprised at the number of different options out there for you. There are beds to help cure back pains, beds to suit different sleep positions, beds to help you stay cool at night, and more beds to do basically whatever amazing thing you can think of. Discuss your sleeping habits with the salesperson first, for eg. maybe you tend to feel very warm at night, or there’s a spot near your spine that aches after a long day of work. After listening to this, the salesperson may suggest a mattress with a breathable cotton fabric cover that’s designed to stay cool, and also one that has just the right combination of firmness to help soothe your back pains and provide the comfort you deserve.

Q4: Are you offering any sales right now?

Price is just as important as quality and you shouldn’t miss out on a bargain offer just because you didn’t ask. Enquire about my current mattress deals and when sales deals are commonly offered. Holidays like Boxing Day and black Friday are usually great opportunities to go mattress shopping since the discounts can even extend up to 80%! Ask around different outlets and choose your time for mattress shopping wisely.

Q5: How do I care for my mattress?

Just like every other product and appliance in your house, there is a specific way to take care of your mattress too. Mattresses are a long-term investment and deserve your love and care. They can last perfectly for at least 8 years (decades if you treat them well) and you’ll be surprised how far a little care goes. Be sure to ask your sales representative details on how to take care of your mattress. More importantly, please do listen to them.



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Q6: Can I give the mattress a test run?

Lying down for ten minutes honestly isn’t enough to judge whether a mattress is the perfect fit for you. That is why various companies have a trial policy that allows buyers to use the mattress for a period of 30 days or so. When taking up these services, be sure to fully understand the terms and conditions first. For example, will the return option be viable if there’s a rip/tear/stain etc. type of damage on the product?

We can’t stress the importance of purchasing the right kind of bedding enough. Do not compromise in the mattress area. When you see that your old one has dents in it, has deflated or torn, and probably should have been changed about a month ago, then stop. Breathe. Google your nearest mattress store. Go shop. Ask your questions. Be 120% sure about your mattress. Read the fine print. Only then should you opt to make a purchase. Happy shopping!

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