5 Practical and Effective Tips To Take Good Care of Your Mattress

5 Practical and Effective Tips To Take Good Care of Your Mattress

As the popular saying by John Wildsmith goes,

“You are in your bed or in your shoes so it pays to invest in both.”

A good quality mattress is quite a useful and practical investment, which is reason enough for you to take good care of it in the best way possible. Doing so will cause your mattress to last long enough so that you can reap its benefits for as long as possible.

Here are 5 effective tips which you can use to ensure the same:

1. Never walk or jump on it:

Hollywood may have shown you that jumping on beds is one of the best ways to let loose your excitement. However, the truth is that nothing spoils your mattress faster than walking over it, or worse, jumping.

Kids are more likely to display such a behavior than adults. Therefore, train your kids and pets to not set foot on the mattress, even if you place it directly on the floor without a bed.

2. Use a mattress topper:

This is, perhaps, one of the best ways to ensure along-life for your mattress. A mattress topper not just prevents damage to your mattress but also helps enhances its comfort and convenience. It even reduces the accumulation of dust and dirt.

Mattress toppers come in a variety of options like memory foam, cotton, latex, and wool. You can choose depending on what your requirement is. Cotton and wool work bets for extra warmth. Memory foam is good for people with back and neck aches and also for people recovering from injuries or surgeries.

3. Keep flipping and rotating the mattress:

In most households, beds are often placed along the wall which leaves only one side of the bed easily accessible for sleeping and sitting. If that’s true for you too, chances are your mattress will sport a dent along the area it is used often.

You need to ensure that all sides of your mattress are utilized equally. Make it a point to keep rotating the mattress every few days, preferably once every week or fortnight. Also, flipping the mattress every once in a few days also helps to a large extent.

4. Don’t fold the mattress:

Folding the mattress can cause it to develop lumps and cracks inside. If you use a cotton mattress, chances are that the filling will all move to one side if you fold your mattress often. This may result in back and neck aches in the long run.

Instead, keep your mattress flat along the bed at all times. And if you ever have to move it, stand it upright against the wall. This way, it won't take up much space and you’ll even have taken care of your mattress in the best possible way.

5. Clean it regularly:

Other than the fact that cleaning your mattress regularly leaves it smelling fresh and healthy, it is also quite a good habit to get rid of dust mites. Dead skin cells are a great breeding ground for bacteria and viruses which may end up hampering your health.

You can run a vacuum over the mattress or simply dust it with a soft cloth to remove the settled layer of dust mites and dead skin cells over it. For stains, you can rub the area with a wet cloth coated with a mild detergent.

Summing it up:

However, a good mattress is an investment of a lifetime. And if you intend to use it for long, it is important to look after it too.

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