How our latex bedding products are made

A simple and environmentally sustainable process.

The production starts off with the collection of latex sap from rubber trees. It is then sent to our processing center.

Upon reaching, the latex will first undergo various checking to ensure the product conforms to production standards. A series of tests are done to ensure only the highest quality of materials are sourced for production.

The globally recognized manufacturing process called the Dunlop process will then begin.

Step 1: The moulds are filled with liquid latex and are tightly closed. Adding more value to the green value chain, steam is generated through biomass boilers.

Step 2: It will then go through a vulcanizing chamber for curing.

Step 3: The 100% natural latex mattresses and pillows are then stripped off from the mould. The uniquely designed 7 sprinkler washing system ensures thorough washing of all products.

Step 4 and 5: Subsequent to washing, the mattress and pillows are sent to the dryer.

Step 6: Thereafter, the production course is completed to specifications by fabrication.


After final quality inspection, the products sent to for packaging and storage.

We have sewing professionals who are highly experienced to operate special machinery used for hard to reach edges.

Finally, the products are packaged, vacuum sealed and labelled, ready for delivery.


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