The Types and Benefits of Meditation

The Types and Benefits of Meditation

Type of meditations and benefits


There are plenty of things in our lives that build up stress, anxiety, pressure, and other negative emotions. There are also quite a number of things we can do to help combat those; one of these is meditation. Meditation, better known as clearing your mind or spending just a few minutes of your day focusing your jumbled thoughts can bring peace and happiness to the meditator.

There are many types of meditation, all of which have truly amazing benefits. In today’s post we bring to you the seven different types and continue to explain some of the best benefits to taking up this soothing activity.

Types of Meditation

Meditation is an ancient art. Over the years, people have developed dozens of different variations to the point where it’s now fair to say that there truly is a right type for everyone. Below we’ve outlined the seven main forms of meditating; but, don’t forget that there’s really no right and wrong in this art.


1. Metta Meditation (Loving-kindness meditation)

The purpose of metta meditation is to open yourself up to love and kindness, and express the same feelings to the people around you too. You start off by sitting in a cross-legged position and taking several deep breaths. Close your eyes. Begin with being kind to yourself. Repeat the words “May I be happy. May I be well. May I be safe. May I be peaceful and at ease.”

Picture a friend or a loved one in your mind and repeat the phrase, this time replacing the I with you. Repeat this for yourself and other people to cultivate the feelings of love and kindness in your attitude. This type of meditation is perfect for people fighting anger-issues, resentment, hatred, etc. because it can help ease those feelings with positive ones.



2. Mindfulness Meditation

Being mindful means being aware. In mindfulness meditation your goal is to be fully aware of yourself, your thoughts and what you are currently doing; remove focus from what’s happening around you. This helps people to really concentrate on their task and let emotions slide away since they’re not being focused on.

It can be practiced anywhere the user wants, eg. by sitting cross-legged in a quiet place to practice your breathing, or while doing your daily household chores.


3. Transcendental Meditation

The name may sound difficult, but the concept is honestly quite easy. Transcendental meditation is used by practitioners to reach a higher state of being. You repeat a specific mantra which can be anything from a small sound to a phrase until your mind relaxes and you’re truly concentrating with the effort. This type of meditation is used to search for inner peace too.


4. Yoga Meditation

You may not know it, but yoga is a very popular form of meditation too! Similar to it, yoga also has many different variations in the exercise, however, the main goal remains the same: soothing your mind. Concentrate on your chosen yoga poses and keep your mind free of distractions. You’ll be surprised at how quickly the sport grows on you.


5. Zen Meditation

Zen meditation is the type the Buddha used to practice. Though similar to mindfulness, Zen requires a lot more focus and concentration if you would lie to obtain the desired effect. Slip into a comfortable position, breathe deeply in and out, and listen to your thoughts quietly. Do not react or be misled by them; just observe. Many people prefer this method for the relaxation and peace it brings.



6. Guided Meditation

Also known as imagery or visualization meditation, in this type you need to picture mental images which you find relaxing. Visualize a sunny, crowd less beach, beautiful snow-capped mountains, or simply a cup of tea on a rainy day. Invite calm into your mind.


7. Chakra Meditation

Chakra which translates to “wheel” in Sanskrit originates from Ancient India. The people there have seven chakras each of a different color and for a different part of the body. In chakra meditation, you picture each chakra in your body as well as its color and focus on relaxing each bit.



The benefits of meditation are endless. Not only does it offer an outlet to channel your stress and negativity for the day, it also improves focus on everyday activities too. Moreover, regular meditation has been scientifically proved to lead to greater happiness which can do tons for your mental health. Happier people eat better, smile more, and reduce the risk of contracting heart disease. Take up meditation and think for yourself: which type is the best for you?

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