Best Bedding Gift Ideas : Elevate Sleep Experience This Christmas

Best Bedding Gift Ideas : Elevate Sleep Experience This Christmas

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Do you hear that? The sounds of bells jingling! While it does not snow in Malaysia, Christmas is just as exciting for every one of us here in this region. The best part of Christmas is definitely giving and receiving gifts. It’s a rewarding feeling like none other. This year we’re all about elevating sleep experiences. That said, in this blog, we look into some of the best bedding gifts for this season.

Merry Christmas


Quilts are definitely back in style and sizzling. Gift your homeowner friends and family a set of match quilts! Our personal tip is to get one that fits in with the ambiance and style of their homes. Quilts have long durability and will be much appreciated by fellow homeowners. For a more traditional style, you may also look for batik designed quilts for a nice Malaysian touch.

Blankets and Throws

A perfect gift for snuggly nights, blankets and throws are popularly used in Malaysian households. Perfect for sofa covers or to be used as blankets and throws fill aesthetic fulfillment and multi-purpose use. Blankets and throws are perfect for households with pets as they’re easily washable. Best appreciated by houses with homey and cozy vibes.

Throw pillows

Alternatively, you could pair throws with throw pillows. In every homeowner, resides an interior designer as Malaysians are raving about aesthetically pleasing decors. Throw pillows are perfect decors for hall spaces. If your giftee is all about aesthetics, they would definitely appreciate throw pillows. Be sure to choose ones that match their space style!

Baby mattress

Is there a new baby at home? In that case, we definitely recommend a baby mattress! Latex mattresses assure pain relief and prevention, ensuring babies sleep undisturbed and the firm surface of avoids suffocation thus reducing baby hazards. This thoughtful gift will definitely be appreciated by new parents who’d strive to give the best to their children, and you can now contribute too.

Luxury Sheets and Comforter

Has your giftee just moved into a new home? Or are they perhaps young homeowners? Then they would definitely appreciate luxurious sheets and comforter to indulge in after a long day at work. A tip to shop for luxury sheets would be one with thread count range between 400-1500. Everyone deserves a little self-pampering, so why not gift a long-term self-care gift!

All our enlisted bedding gift ideas are to encourage shoppers to give out more long-term, and highly durable presents which can be enjoyed by receivers for a long time to come. Before making a purchase do consider how beneficial will it be to your giftee for a more conscious gift-giving. Happy holidays!

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