Latex E-Mattress
Latex E-Mattress
Latex E-Mattress
Latex E-Mattress
Latex E-Mattress
Latex E-Mattress
Latex E-Mattress

Latex E-Mattress

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  • Free pillow(s) are not applicable for the free trial & return.


- Proudly presenting the 100% Natural Latex E-Mattress -

You can now wake up refreshed on a mattress that is both enjoyable and supportive. 

The Mattress Build

Naturenite - latex mattress diagram

The top layer of our latex mattress is a soft latex foam which adds softness to the surface of the mattress. At almost 3 inches thick, you can rest assured that you are getting the best quality product.

The base layer is made of high-density latex foam, which provides a strong and supportive base. 

Covering these two layers together is the delightfully smooth Tencel® fabric. 

Cover: Tencel® fabric

Firmness: medium firm

Sizes: Single (90 x 190 x 23 cm) | Queen (150 x 190 x 23 cm) | King (180 x 190 x 23 cm)


Elegantly Soft Cover

Our cover of the mattress is made of Tencel® fabric, an internationally esteemed material that gives you an exquisitely soft touch.  

Made of lyocell, our cover is very gentle on the skin and can be completely removed and dry cleaned if needed.

Compared to cotton or cotton-blended materials, Tencel® fabric is able to absorb moisture more efficiently to help your body feel pleasantly cool and dry for a comfortable night’s sleep.


Ideal Sleeping Surface

Naturenite latex mattress

Our latex mattress conforms to the body’ contours and evenly supports the spine, thus reducing pressure points on your body.

You will not be disturbed during your sleep as the flexibility of the latex mattress produces no noise or movement.  

100% natural material

Made of natural latex, this mattress is ideal for allergy sufferers, since it’s antibacterial, mold-proof, and resistant to dust mites.



Our latex mattresses have breathable, round open cell structures, allowing your body to be at the best sleeping temperature constantly. This ventilation feature prevents sweating and reduces dust mites, so you can enjoy a hygienic, healthy sleep.




Naturenite reasonable prices

Reasonable prices

Our mattresses are sewn, assembled and packaged in our Malaysia factory. Direct sourcing of materials and local production allow us to offer the highest-quality natural latex mattresses at unbeatable prices. Our mattresses are carefully crafted for superior performance and longevity.



90 days free trial

We know you’ll love our mattress, but if not, just give us a call and let us know it’s not working. We’ll work with you to arrange for the return at your convenient time and date. The mattress can be returned anytime within 100 days of receipt.



Naturenite 7 years warranty

7 years limited warranty

We are confident that our mattress will serve you well for years to come. Natural latex foam is the most durable mattress material available, and our covers are individually crafted to ensure their longevity. Each mattress comes with a 7-year limited warranty so that you can feel confident in your investment.


Ongoing Promo:

For a limited time only, get up to 2 FREE Latex Pillows, and 2 U-Neck Pillows with every e-mattress purchase!

Enter code << REBATE500CV >> during checkout for an additional RM500 OFF.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Enquire about the shipping few times with the customer service to confirm specific time for delivery.But the courier company is close on the delivery day. Finally they arrange another trip. The items are hard to take out from box.The mattress expand very fast and the width is wider than specific . The mattress and duvet are very dirty with stains ,hairs and wood chips.It is very soft and will slip when sit on the side but firm and bouncy when sleep on it. The pillow is cleaner and very bouncy but the size is smaller then specific.The latex smell remains after around 1 month.


Impressed by the smooth fabric tencil cover. The mattress firmness is also unlike anything I've slept on b4. Very comfortable!!

What more could I ask for?

This is my first time buying mattress online and honestly I was quite skeptical at first as it is not a cheap product. However, I got convinced later when I found out they have free delivery, free trial, and especially kudos to the customer service guy that patiently answered all queries about the mattress. They can even arrange specific date for delivery. The mattress quality is also just as described on the website. Absolute great job Naturenite for providing such quality mattress at such attractive price!

Truly value for money

I purchased their latex pillow and was amazed by the level of comfort it brought to me, so I gave Naturenite another try again this time about my mattress upgrade. They delivered my King size mattress within a convenient package and delivery was very satisfying. The best part is that the surface is incredibly smooth and cool to touch. The mattress also enabled me to rest well and wake up fully energized. Marvelous!

A gem found!

Getting a mattress from Naturenite was a surprise! I never knew that I can get a natural latex mattress at this price. Comparing to other online mattress, the fact that Naturenite mattress is using natural latex and a Tencel cover really impress me. The mattress looks very beautiful and premium, and the cover is very soft and comfortable. The mattress provides enough support but it is not hard. One amazing thing happens is, now I can wake up refreshingly even before alarm rings! p/s: customer service really the best ;)


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