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latex bed
Conve | Latex Bed
Conve | Latex Bed

Conve | Latex Bed

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  • Best sleep of your life or your money back with our 90-nights free trial.
  • 9-year limited warranty.
  • Latex bed designed by Nature Workhouse
  • Basic features with 3cm natural latex padding
  • Free delivery within Peninsular Malaysia
  • Firmness Level 6.5 out of 10. Medium Soft
  • Mattress roll pack in box
  • F.o.c 1x Latex Pillow for Single/Super Single | 2x Latex Pillow for Queen/King

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Basic Features With Excellence Quality | Latex Bed

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Naturenite | Conve Mattress Structure

Latex bed for back care

This design build up mainly to provide good back care support.

Support base layer are made with Duramax Hd Foam giving a firm base, while adding up with 3 thickness of 100% premium natural latex pair with soft meta foam for the comfort layer.

100% Natural latex are the most recommended material by chiropractor for a good support for back care.

Combination of this build up makes the mattress soft while still giving you a great support.

Product Specification

Bamboo Knitted Textile

Bamboo Knitted are made from bamboo fiber. When blended with cotton, bamboo gives wrinkle-resistance and superior resilence. Bamboo has incredible absorption characteristics and is 50% more absorbent than cotton. They're more breathable and less susceptible to odorous bacteria growth.

100% Natural Latex.

Derived from 100% natural material, natural rubber are one of the best quality of material used in bedding industries. Mattress with 100% natural latex are often price much higher compare mattress without natural latex.
Why it is so good? Due to its natural resources, is it branded by several institute organization as an environmentally friendly material and also certified free from harmful chemical mixture. It is well known for its natural anti-dustmite and microbial free feature and also top notch durability which have a life span up to 20 years.
The structure and feeling itself has a very unique feel. Elastic like a rubber which still provide enough support to hold a weight up to 500kg. Tested and proven that even a car ran through it, it will not deform

Minimal Motion Transfer

Superb motion isolation, you are less likely to disturb your partner when you change positions or get out of bed in the middle of the night

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Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews

Bought this because of its removeable cover. I prefer clean and hygienic environment. Mattress is good, but recently having issue with washing the cover. The zipper opening is on one side only, which it very difficult to remove and put it back on. On the second hand, the cover is sooo thick, it takes a long time to dry up. Hope they can improve on this matter.


Superb mattress.. top cover is thick and soft... was surprise on this quality mattress with reasonable price... top cover can be remove and wash, which is good for hygiene.


Best Mattress


tilam paling terbaik.. tak sakit badan langsung bila bangun dari tidur.. tilam ni pun lembut dan selesa..


I love it! Worth every penny. Every part of my body resting so comfortably whenever I’m laying on the mattress.



  • The mattress should not be washed using washing machines. Recommended to hand wash or air dry.
  • The mattress contains natural anti-microbial properties hence no exposure to sunlight is needed. Natural latex must not be exposed to direct sunlight as the UV rays would oxidize the material causing damage and deterioration to the sleep quality it’s supposed to provide.
  • To clean the mattress in case it gets dirty, use a clean towel soaked with water or a mild detergent mixture. After cleaning the stain, place fresh towels on both sides of the mattress and press out excess moisture if any. Let it air dry on a flat surface and away from direct sunlight.