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Its been a great milestone for us to reach an achievement of 200 reviews. Thanks to all our lovely customer who has been a great support for giving review for us to continue to improve in our products and services. To celebrate this event of achievement, we will be giving away free 100% cashback for 10 lucky customer who purchase and review any of our products from 28th March 2021 till 28th May 2021. All you need to do is to write a review to us on the product you purchased, and you will be eligible to have a chance to be one of the 10 lucky winner.

How to participate in Review & Win Contest

It is very simple and easy for you to be eligible to participate and get a chance to win 100% cash back on the product that you purchase. Meaning, if you are the lucky winner, total net amount of the product that you will be given back to you in cash and more so, you get to keep the product you purchased !! Wow!!

Steps 1.

Purchase any product from out Naturenite Store (Only Eligible For Product Purchased In Remember to fill in your details and also your email address.

Steps 2.

After your order have been fulfiled, over system will send a review request to you via your email address that you registered to us. Do remind that this email will be sent to you after 5 days of your fulfiled order. This way you can received our product and try it out before you gave us your honest review.

Steps 3.

Once you have received our review confirmation, do follow the instruction and fill in your review. (if you do not see it in your inbox, do look in to the spam mail or other promotion folder). Click "Submit Verified Review".

Steps 4.

You have succesfully submited you review to us. To check, go to out webpage and go to the product page item that you purchased. You may found your review on the bottom columm with the icon verified. Review which is not verified, will not be counted. With that only genuine buyer will be eligible to participate. Below is the sample illustration:

Steps 4.

You are now eligible to have a chance to be one of the 10 lucky winner. A review confirmation email will be send to you in few days to confirm your participant. Sit tight and be patient. We will be announcing the winner on our Facebook page 10 days after the contest end. Follow our facebook page closely for updates.

Terms & Condition

  • Only geniune buyer who purchase our product through our online store are eligible to participate.
  • Buyer who initiate refund or return in the process will not be able to participate
  • Only review from 28th March 2021 - 28th May 2021 are eligible to participate. Purchase have to be made at least 6 days before you can submit your review
  • One Receipt eligible for one time participation. Cashback amount will be according to the exact receipt amount.
  • Winner that received the cashback, will not be entitle to free trial anymore, but warranty will be still going on the products.
  • 100% Cash back will be credited back to your credit card if you are the winner.
  • All verified participant will be collected 29th May 2021. Buyer have to purchase our product at least 6 days before due date.
  • Naturenite Management will start a random number pick of 10 lucky participant on 29th May and announce the winner on 30th May.
  • Naturenite remain the rights to alter the condition for fairness in the contest.

If you are looking for a new sleep, why not try us? You may be the lucky winner to get it for free. :)

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